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Signpost India is among India's largest advertisement technology companies with an operational footprint spread across 9 cities in India. We are the pioneers in programmatic digital advertisement ecosystem in the Out of Home environment in India, as part of which we have commissioned a series of intelligent digital hoardings in Airports, Railway stations, highways, and in major roads of various cities in India including India's largest OOH digital billboards in Mumbai. The proprietary technology suites of Signpost automate O&M of these digital assets on one side and using AI and ML automate ad sales and placements on the client side. We are the pioneers in incorporating video analytics to clearly identify, classify and target a specific group of target audiences with specific ads in real-time and work closely with marque institutions like IISC for technology development, assessment, and deployment.

Signpost's AL/ML video analytics engines assist traffic policing in various metros to dynamically automate traffic signal timings, divert traffic, detect violations and accidents, and help provide predictive insights to the authorities. We are working with Mumbai and Bengaluru Traffic Police in assisting them with world-class CSITMS systems

Signpost is looking for young minds to join them to change the landscape of Digital Advertising, Video Analytics. Currently, they have open positions for Internship (with a high probability of Conversion to a Permanent Role)

Internship Details :

  • Tech Stack
Ruby Rails (Mandatory), HTML, CSS, ReactJS,
Please apply for a Ruby Rails Training Program
  • Stipend
Rs. 15000/- PM
  • Job Offer
The candidate will be onboarded as an intern for a period of 3 months. Post that a performance evaluation shall be conducted via project managers and selected candidates shall be offered full-time positions as SE1
  • Selection Process (for Internship)
* Preference is given to candidates who have completed the internship program and Ruby Rails training program with GEOGO.
* Interested candidates should click the "Apply For Internship" button and fill the form
* Signpost team will interview the candidates whom they have selected from the applications received.
* Project submitted during GEOGO internship will be evaluated by Signpost team
* Applying does not confirm the internship/job with Signpost or GEOGO
* The final selection of the candidates will be purely based on Signpost's decision

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